Journaling app made for self-development, not just for keeping memories.

A unique combination of tools for deep self-analysis.

We use gamification of the self-development process.

This allows you to stay on track with progress and not deviate from the path. It doesn't guarantee success, but it helps to stay on course. Ultimately, it all depends on the individual.

  • Earning points for reflections.
  • Earning points for commitment to principles.
  • Losing points for missing reflections.


Phone always at hand. Remember what really matters.

I am glad to share the product that I made primarily for myself. That's why it's crafted with love and attention to detail. I invite you to try it out and give your feedback on your journey.

zero.pole author
zero pole .

Something should be written here, but I haven't really figured out what exactly yet.

I can wish you a good evening or day, as well as to stay centered and mindful.

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