Reflection allows you to return to your center at least once a day. To think about how the day went.

The reflection page is the main page of the application. I suggest you come back here (or to Telegram) every evening.

To reflect - press the button in the header of the application.

The main advantage of the is that you have the opportunity to add any elements you need to the sections of this page.

Some sections of the reflection form are limited only to binary (yes/no) and numerical fields. This is done for two reasons:

 - it allows you to describe actions/states more specifically and accurately;

 - based on numbers, analytics can be built to show the relationship between actions and states.

Currently, reflection consists of three sections:

  • 🧗‍♀️ Factors. This is what you do: your actions, decisions, relationships. Examples can be seen in the picture: coffee, reading, physical activity, food quality. You are limited only by your imagination.
  • 🫀 States. These are what you feel. These are the states you experience. Examples can be seen in the picture: sadness, motivation, mindfulness.
  • 👀 Questions. These are text answers to what cannot be described with numbers.

All this is created in binary (yes/no) or numeric form. This is done for two reasons: it is more specific than words and it allows you to do analytics.

How to assemble it?

All the necessary tools are located in the Workshop in the application header. For reflection you need Factors, States and Questions.

Each page contains two sections with cards. On the left - your personal cards, on the right - public cards.

If you want to add more cards, you can either create a new one:

Or add from public ones by pressing the button . You can also like it, thus influencing the popularity of the card.

When the card is in personal, you can add it to the reflection page by clicking on . The light bulb will turn yellow, indicating that the card has been added to the reflection. You can also easily remove cards from reflection by clicking on the card again.

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I can wish you a good evening or day, as well as to stay centered and mindful.

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